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Paola Cucurullo, aka The Hoopercat is avisual and performing artist from Boston, MA. She specializes in gogo hoop and LED performances as well as fire spinning/eating and character acting. Paola manages and directs Vibrant Visions Entertainment as well as produces all graphic design, branding, and costuming for the team. She has been performing internationally for over 5 years and has experience performing for a variety of different age groups and event styles.

Vibrant Visions Entertainment is a Boston based entertainment & production company specializing in LED performance, gogo dance, fire performance, party greeters, themed dancers/character actors, circus arts, workshops, specialty acts, children's events, & much, much more! The team offers mesmerizing performance art & party entertainment with custom, handmade costuming, professional make-up artistry, & thoughtful attention to detail. Vibrant Visions Entertainment adds a level of wonder and intrigue to any event!

Yanyan Art

Julianne Benvie, aka New Wave Girl, is a performance artist from Bridgewater, MA. She began hooping after she graduated college in 2014 as another way to gain body awareness and express herself. She found yoga a year before that and feels it has given her the tools to be a successful performance artist while also balancing her life. Julianne has spent a lot of her life dancing, mainly hip hop, and learning about fitness. She is a Registered Nurse in a Neonatal ICU and dedicates her free time training props, working out/doing yoga, and cooking. Julianne’s hoop style is definitely inspired by dance. In her first few years of hooping, she found herself only interested in on body. Lately, she has been enamored by multi-props, and has been dedicating her time drilling doubles/minis, poi, and fire fans.

The Hoopercat

Shaina, the artist behind Yanyan Art and member of VVE, is a performer and instructor of circus and flow arts as well as a makeup artist. Her main props are multi-hoop, contact poi, contact staff, and juggling clubs. Whether she's performing as Doris Morris at Electric Forest or as Mipsy Smidgets at The Flow Show Boston, she likes to bring silly elements into all her acts.

Vibrant Visions Entertainment

New Wave Girl